Easily Reduce
Digital Distractions

Snazz is the leading screen time app designed for your performance & wellbeing.

Images of 3 screens showing apps being blocked by Snazz

Bye-Bye Screen Time

Regain control over your mental focus, performance, & overall wellbeing

Integrates Into Device

Harnesses the newly released Screen time API to easily manage usage

Schedule Usage

Create recurring schedules to block apps at the same time every week

Intentional Breaks

Temporarily disable blocks for short time period that that allows access until time is over

App Blocking

Minimize distractions by modifying app access and notifications.

A Look at the Numbers


Hours saved daily


Are less distracted


Boosted well-being

Private, Secure, Encrypted

Privacy is a right. Your data is yours. Snazz ensures everything is encrypted. We never sell your data. Period.

Reclaim your time and focus.